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ERS Team and Board of Directors

ERS Team

  • Managing Director
    Karen is responsible for business development, strategic planning, and internal operations. She manages our grants and proposals for outside partnerships and our internal knowledge and... More »
  • Associate
    David specializes in mapping district resources and helping districts understand how their resource allocation strategies align with their overarching student goals. David’s career in... More »
  • Accountant Analyst
    Maryanne supports the Controller in expanding ERS' financial infrastructure through management of the business enterprise software. She also prepares monthly financial statements,... More »
  • Business Manager
    Michele works with the accounting team, and is responsible for client billing and accounts payable and receivable. She also handles employee payroll, benefits, expense report... More »
  • Associate
    Rob serves as a member of the School Design practice area, which trains and supports principals with the deliberate organization of their school’s resources—talent, time, money, and... More »
  • Data Analyst
    Jenny helps to ensure that partner district data is clean, accurate and standardized across all projects. She also supports the ERS Technology and ERS Methodology teams to ensure that the... More »
  • Principal Associate
    Julie is responsible for identifying, recruiting, hiring, and retaining exceptional talent at ERS during a period of significant growth for the organization. When she joined ERS in 2005,... More »
  • Administrative Assistant
    Kira has as many roles at ERS as the lead in a one-person show. She is responsible for helping the directors with their travel and their finances, as well as keeping them on the ball when... More »
  • Administrative Assistant
    Meg wears many hats that are critical to our success. She is the Executive Assistant to Karen Hawley Miles and Karen Baroody, as well as the Office/Facilities Manager for all of ERS.... More »
  • Communications Principal Associate
    Randi works on ERS’ Communications team, focusing on communications planning and the dissemination of ERS tools and content to organizations and individuals interested in education... More »
  • Manager
    Kristen leads ERS’ strategic school design practice area, working with schools and districts to organize school budgets, staffing plans, and schedules to support student achievement.... More »
  • Partner
    Stephen heads research, methodology, and data analytics at ERS. He is also passionate about special education reform and has written numerous commentaries and blogs on the topic. He is... More »
  • Communications Associate
    Alyssa keeps the ERS website updated, maintains our social media efforts and tracks press coverage and public speaking. She also writes and edits print, online and multimedia content. As... More »
  • Analyst Fellow
    Nisha has joined ERS as an Analyst Fellow through the Education Pioneers 10-month Fellowship and is currently engaged in a Student Based Budgeting project for Prince George’s... More »
  • Analyst
    Jeff works on district resource mapping projects. He’s currently working with the Cleveland team to  help the district implement weighted student funding amid a portfolio reform... More »
  • Principal Associate
    Genevieve joins ERS as a Principal Associate. Prior to ERS she served as Massachusetts Policy Director at the advocacy organization Stand for Children, where she lobbied for state... More »
  • Manager
    Funmi joins us as a Principal Associate.  Before working at ERS, Funmi did internal strategy consulting and marketing finance for Sears Holdings, a Fortune 500 retail company. She also... More »
  • Manager, Communications
    Allison is responsible for ERS communications, media relations, and marketing. ERS has chosen and is supported to take lessons learned from our deep partnership work to inform a broader... More »
  • President and Executive Director
    Karen Hawley Miles is the president and executive director of Education Resource Strategies, Inc. ERS is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping urban school systems organize... More »
  • Director
    Don focuses on supporting partner districts in strategic resource use. He leads our project support of the Aspen CFO Network, funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and... More »
  • Principal Associate
    Sam specializes in mapping district resources and helping districts understand how their resource allocation strategies align with their overarching student goals. Since joining ERS in... More »
  • Principal Associate
    Chris’ analytic work includes deep dives into district budgets, course schedules, and payroll files to build a resource map that tells districts how they are using their resources. Since... More »
  • Principal Associate
    Lois is currently working with the Georgia team where she is analyzing the state’s role in improving student outcomes for the Georgia Department of Education. In addition, Lois is a part... More »
  • Manager and Practice Head, Strategic Initiatives
    David provides daily strategic and project leadership on ERS studies with large urban school districts. He is also responsible for developing strategic partnerships that help school... More »
  • Associate
    Laura works on district resource mapping, helping districts understand how their resource allocation is aligned with their strategic goals. She has worked with Denver and Prince George’s... More »
  • Technology Associate
    Zlati supports the implementation of our overall strategy for technology-based tools to help schools and districts improve their resource use. She coordinates with ERS’ technology vendors... More »
  • Director, Tools and Technologies
    Kristan leads the ERS Technologies Team in its work to create tools that help school systems transform their resource use to achieve dramatically improved student learning. He serves as... More »
  • Controller
    Carol creates a bridge between the innovative and creative work going on at ERS every day, and the funding that supports and pays for this work. Her penchant for logistics and a mild... More »
  • Communications Associate
    Anna is our Communications Associate here at ERS. Her main priority is to share and disseminate ERS research, client work, and tools with district leaders, policy makers, funders, and the... More »
  • Director
    Jonathan leads the consulting practice area at ERS and works with districts to analyze and improve resource use across systems. Currently, Jonathan leads the ERS teams working with... More »
  • Associate
    Joseph is a Principal Associate in ERS’ consulting practice. Since joining the team, he has supported a range of districts in realigning their resources to promote student achievement.... More »
  • Analyst
    Dan works with partner districts to collect, process, and analyze school data pertaining to their use of dollars and staff. His current projects include resource mapping for Austin and... More »
  • Associate
    Ashley is a member of the Georgia team, which works at the district level on resource management and strategic planning, as well as at the state level looking at policy and state-wide... More »

Board of Directors

  • Partner, Bain and Company
    Marcia Blenko is a partner at Bain & Company, leading the firm’s Global Organization Practice from the Boston office. She joined the firm in 1988 and was elected to the partnership in... More »
  • Senior Vice President, Education Services for News Corporation
    Peter C. Gorman brings more than two decades of experience in education to his role as senior vice president of Education Services for News Corporation. He began his career as a... More »

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