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Atlanta Public Schools

District Partner 2008-2010

ERS partnered with Atlanta (APS) to map resource use, to prioritize areas to redesign systems, and to implement next steps to help the district meet its goals.

"ERS has been instrumental in helping us understand how we use our resources long-term, and the return we are getting on our investment."
-Kathy Augustine, Deputy Assistant Superintendent

District Facts


Work Focus


  • To continue to track resource use metrics that emerged from initial SY05-06 analysis.
  • To work with district leadership to identify new/evolving opportunities for resource realignment as new data emerges with a particular focus on ARRA funding opportunities and broader revenue environment.
  • To help develop and implement a data dashboard—Teacher Effectiveness Dashboard (TED)—to inform human capital decision-making across the district, as part of APS’ Effective Teacher in Every Classroom (ETEC) initiative, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


  • To help develop, implement, and assess “Vanguard” middle school designs as part of APS Middle School Transformation initiative


  • To create a resource map for the district including selecting a series of metrics to track over time.

Findings and Outcomes

  • APS district leadership has used ERS resource analysis and recommendations to change the way they communicate and now distinguishes their reform strategy as having two phases—the first phase being school-driven and the next phase as being teacher-driven.
  • APS Superintendent and Cabinet have shifted decision-making to focus more on trade-offs instead of looking at each decision independently, and have opted to secure additional technical support to continue the resource analysis work.
  • As a result of the ERS analysis, the district has developed an HR strategy, changed the structure and timing of professional development days, and has more data to support their school closure/consolidation decisions. 
  • APS is piloting new Middle School designs that align with ERS Strategic Design Principles in SY09-10.
  • APS and ERS partnered to develop a cutting edge tool called the Teaching Effectiveness Dashboard (TED). The TED is a management tool that consolidates and integrates a wide range of data on teacher effectiveness—from certification and experience to student performance to principal evaluation—to help district and school leaders make strategic decisions around teacher hiring, assignment, support, retention, and dismissal. In SY09-10 it will be piloted with 16 secondary schools and after incorporating lessons learned, the tool will be rolled out across all of APS starting in SY2010-11 and beyond.

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